Amelia Bartlett, 19, local photographer, usually professional.
A blog seems like a good idea in this day and age, especially with a growing local business. So, here are a few things about myself.

Above all, I am a performer, a writer, a photographer, a singer, a student, a teacher, a lover, and an open mind.
My body modification of choice is circus and yoga arts. I treat my body like a temple, and others just as likewise. I enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle with my fair share of craziness and spontaneity.

Photography is special to me, because while I do not hoard or collect much, I am a connoisseur of moments. Every picture should stand alone, and that's my ultimate purpose. Every picture may be worth a thousand words, but I want to make sure mine are meaningful and complete.

I should hope my style speaks for itself. I do a great deal of pro bono and volunteer work because this is first and foremost my passion. I enjoy helping small business owners and collaborating with artists. I rarely turn down trades or chances to network because connecting with others in the community is the best way to make friends. I try to surround myself with like-minded people.

This blog will hopefully be a fun and laid back outlet for little quips of information, semi frequent updates, and a place to keep myself in check as an artist and as a person.